Frequently Asked Questions 


Q:  What are the storage options for Sportafence?

A:  Storage of Sportafence is simple! Given the ease of moving Sportafence, when space allows many clients simply roll their Sportafence panels out of the way. Sportafence panels are designed to enable owners to remove wheels, quickly disconnect support braces and fold fence panel down to the base frame. Once folded, your Sportafence panels can be stacked horizontally against a permanent fence line or a wall. Please take caution not to stack your Sportafence panels vertically (one on top of the other) as the weight of the panels may damage your fence fabric or product welds.


Q:  What are Sportafence lead times?

A: Sportafence is a ‘build to order’ company and does not maintain inventory. Each customer order is manufactured upon receipt of the customer order. Lead times generally range between 12-16 weeks and will vary (shorter or longer) based on the time of year and our peak season (January-May).


Q: Can a baseball or softball roll under a Sportafence panel?

A: Sportafence had been designed to improve the quality of gameplay when using a portable or temporary fence. Sportafence has wheels that can be engaged (wheels down when moving the fence) or disengaged (wheels up or retracted when the fence is in desired field location). When Sportafence wheels are disengaged the full base frame of the fence rests fully on the ground (closing gaps under the fence). Additionally, Sportafence drop pins used to connect the portable fence panels have been designed to close any gap at the ground where the Sportafence panels meet.


Q: Are the wheels on a Sportafence panel always in the ‘down’ position?


A: The wheels on a Premium Sportafence panel are designed to be permanently connected to a galvanized axel. This axel fits into sleeves on the base frame that allow the operator to manually engage the wheels (wheels down to move fence) or disengage the wheels (wheels up when fence is in the final field location).


Q: How many Sportafence panels can be moved at one time?


A: In typical conditions, multiple Sportafence panels can be moved at one time by maintaining the drop pins in the Sportafence panels to be moved. Artificial turf fields generally allow more Sportafence panels to be moved in a single pull than on natural grass fields. Additionally, if the fence needs to be moved in tight radiuses or turns, operators should always pull fewer panels in a single pull.

When using the 2” wide wheels for natural grass fields, Sportafence recommends no more than five (5) Sportafence panels be connected together in a single move when/if conditions (*) allow. When moving Sportafence panels on an artificial turf field, Sportafence recommends no more than 8 panels be connected together in a single move.

*Operators using Sportafence on natural grass fields should be using 2” wheels and will need to maintain awareness of soil conditions, irrigation frequency, and field quality to determine if fewer than five (5) panels should be moved to avoid damage to the field.


Q: When adding windscreens to a Sportafence panel, what dimensions should be used?


A:  Sportafence 6’ x 10’ panel = Windscreen Dimensions: 5’ 8” x 9’ 10” (*)

      Sportafence 5’ x 10’ panel = Windscreen Dimensions: 4’ 8” x 9’ 10” (*)


*As a non-anchored portable fence product, Sportafence does not recommend the use of windscreens on its product as this reduces the wind load rating of the fence and increases the likelihood of tip-over that may damage the Sportafence system. Owners should consult their Sportafence Owners Manual and take additional precautions (slotted windscreen, sandbags, etc.) to protect the longevity of their Sportafence system.


Q: What is the dimension of the back frame of a Sportafence panel?

A: The back support frame of a Premium (Wheeled) Sportafence panel extends 51” (inches) from the front of the fence panel. The support braces on a Standard (Non-Wheeled) Sportafence panel extend 48” from the front of the fence panel.


Q: Do I need to use sandbags with a Sportafence system?


A: Wind conditions vary widely geographically. While many clients are able to use Sportafence without the use of sandbags or non-ground penetrating anchors, the use of these tools is always good to consider as a means to protect your investment. Premium Sportafence products weigh 175 lbs per panel, and have a 50MPH frontal wind rating and 30MPH wind rating from behind. Owners/Operators should prepare and protect their Sportafence system if adverse weather events are forecast. Consult the Sportafence Wind & Weather guide for sandbagging suggestions.


Q: Does Sportafence require assembly?


A: Yes, upon delivery, your Sportafence panels will need to be assembled. Each Sportafence panel shipped ‘kitted’ together. Assembly is simple but best accomplished with two persons. Simply remove each kit from the shipping rack, unpackage the kit, complete eight bolt connections, and install the safety cap and wheels. Assembly should take 10-15 minutes for each panel.


Q: How much does a Sportafence panel weigh?

A: Each Premium Sportafence panel weighs ~175lbs when fully assembled.


Q: Can I use Sportafence on grass fields?


A: Yes. Sportafence Standard (Non-wheeled) and Premium (Wheeled) products can both be used on natural grass fields. Two-inch (2”) wheels are highly recommended for grass fields. When moving your Premium Sportafence panels on natural grass it is important that owners monitor soil conditions and the number of panels moved at one time. Sportafence wheels may damage natural turf if soils are saturated, if too many panels (weight) are moved at one time or if fence moves are done in tight radiuses. Every field is different.