Campus Recreation Q & A Session with SportaFence Owner, Chad Simich

Campus Recreation Q & A Session with SportaFence Owner, Chad Simich

Campus Rec interviewed SportaFence Owner & President, Chad Simich on how SportaFence can help college recreational facilities. Read what Chad had to say:

How can your company help campus rec facilities with portable athletic fencing?
Flexibility, Efficiency & Safety! Campus recreation facilities support a variety of student athletes, multiple sports activities in a variety of environments on a tight schedule. Selecting the right portable athletic fencing solution is critical to unlocking your facilities ability to offer more activities / sports while also supporting the expectations of participants and needs of facility staff. Sportafence portable athletic fencing enables your facility to quickly configure new playing fields and field boundaries and improves the quality of gameplay and player safety at the fence line.

What are 3-5 tips you can share with campus rec facilities on portable athletic fencing?
• Portable athletic fencing should not degrade the aesthetics of your facilities, the quality of gameplay or participant safety
• The ‘portability’ of portable athletic fence products is NOT the same. Consider the frequency of boundary changes your facility may need to make and choose a system that is efficient and requires less hourly labor to move/maintain
• Choose a commercial grade portable athletic fencing solution that is designed to provide flexibility and dependability that you can count on for 10-15 years.